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48H Livraison TVA 0€ BAISI Achetez 2 + 2 Gratuite = 410€ Perruque en 100% vrais cheveux humains Code: VIP100

Prix en PROMO :€410,00

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Image description
Matériaux de cheveux 100% Cheveux Humains 
Couleur de cheveux  Comme indiqué sur l'image
Taille de lace Comme indiqué sur l'image 
Couleur de lace lace transparent
Densité 200% densité
Taille Comme indiqué sur l'image 
Texture Comme indiqué sur l'image 
Délai de livraison  Si vous achetez les perruques déjà en France, délai de livraison environs 2-3 jours, il n'y a pas de livraison pendant weekend. Si le colis envoyé depuis de la Chine, délai de livraison environs 7-12 jours, il n'y a pas de livraison pendant weekend.
Délai d'utilisation Plus de 3 ans 
Bandes élastique Ajustable
Colorable ou décolorable Oui
Lisser ou boucler au fer Oui
Informations D'achat

1Livraison gratuite en Europe via FedEx/UPS Canada-USA-Angleterre 6-7 jours

115€ Frais de livraison pour Martinique - Guadeloupe - Guyane 8-10 jours

1Pour les modèles de perruques et les tailles disponible déjà en France avec le drapeau de la France

1Livraison gratuite par la poste en EUROPE , TVA 0€

145€ vers les pays en Afrique dans la capitale et Mayotte

1NB : Le frais de douane n'est pas inclu dans la commande Frais de douane 10€-20€ selon le poids de votre colis et le tarifs de votre pays

  • Q: How long is the delivery?

    A: 24 hours after your order, we will ship your package free of charge, you will be delivered in 3-5 working days for FRANCE, and for other countries it is 4-6 days. And you would need to leave your contact so we can reach you for the delivery.
  • Q: How many weaves would be needed for one head?

    A: It depends on your request, for weaves of size less than 16 inch 2 weaves is enough for one head, but if you want the density to be thick, then it will take 3 weaves for one head, and it will depend also the closure you use, whether it's a frontal or a closure.
  • Q: Can I straighten or style the hair?

    A: Yes, all the hair we sell is all virgin hair, so you can straighten, curl or do other textures, and our hair can also be used for coloring,
  • Q: How can I know the size? how can I know the length I want?

    A: To know more about the sizes, please refer to the photo guide below, (to measure curly hair, you must pull the hair well to know the length)
  • Q: Why are my extensions getting mixed up?

    A: Hair tangles when dry, please do hair care, wash and condition 1-2 times a week. Or consult your stylist for further maintenance.
  • Q: Will I need to pay tax?

    A: Normally you don't need to pay the tax, but the customs duty conditions for each country is not the same, so if the customs asks you to pay the tax, we will arrange for it. decrease the customs duties you should pay.

  • 1. Please wash and condition the hair before wearing.It would be better and make the hair supple
  • 2. DO NOT brush the hair from root to end directly and please handle it carefully. Brush the hair from the end section: first 2 inches to the end, then 4 inches to the end, then 6, 8, 10 inches, etc., higher and higher until until you reach the root.
  • 3. DO NOT cut the weft, it leads to loss. If you must cut for installation, always seal the ends.
  • 4. DO NOT put excessive heat on the hair as this will lead to split ends and hair breakage.
  • 5. Always use low-sulfate or sulfate-free conditioning shampoos.
  • 6. Curly textures and natural waves require even more care than straight hair. Never brush the hair too hard, it will definitely lead to hair loss and even braking.
  • 7. Always keep curly and frizzy hair moisturized with leave-in curl activators or hair will become dry, frizzy and even tangled. Never comb these hairs unless they are damp and contain conditioner.
  • 8. Use a professional colorist when coloring your hair, as not all colors take easily. Please test a small strip of hair before coloring.
  • How to style virgin hair?

  • Q: Lace Cut

    A: After the wig is finished, the excess lace hanging from the forehead should be trimmed back into the wig for the most natural look. Use a long, smooth snip to avoid jagged edges.
  • Q: How to make the fonts or partings on the wig?

    A: Use a wide tooth comb to part the side of the wig. In the middle part, the side parts are available, just select the one you like and then separate them carefully.
  • Q: Wet the hair to make it easier to comb

    A: Wet styling is the best method to do styles such as roller covers and stick-ons perm. Styling mousses and lotions are usually applied to wet hair to make it smooth. Stay gentle during this process, because you don't want to mess with wigs.
  • Q: Dry your hair

    A: Towel your hair gently or let the wig dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer on low heat to dry your hair.
  • Q: Spray a sparkling styling spray

    A: It's best to spray some in your hands, then tie them together and follow your hair. It looks healthy, shiny and smells great.
    If you want your wig/hair to look natural/amazing like our FB/IG post, you better go to a professional hairdresser for wig installation.
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